Priscilla Koeckeritz

Difficult problems breed innovative thinkers

What’s the Next Right Thing?

In the business world, professionals of all levels face problems they struggle to solve. This website is dedicated to helping others learn to overcome obstacles and to provide resources to connect the dots. Whether you’re a seasoned professional dealing with a new challenge or a student starting on your career path, there are resources and tips to help you take the next step.

We all need sage advice in moments of trial – my challenge to you is what’s the next right thing to do?

Priscilla is an expert at efficiently utilizing resources and saving businesses money.

Priscilla has spoken at various events locally and nationally on entrepreneurship, women in tech roles and energy and sustainability. She spent 10 years leading EnergyPrint and speaking about efficiency in commercial buildings, including at the Spark event, hosted annually by Urjanet

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Helen Morris-Brown: Psychology of communicating effectively

We all need a refresher in effective communication. I found this talk by Helen Morris-Brown while teaching interpersonal communication. It’s relevant to professionals and students alike.
Knowledge Center

Simon Sinek: Why

This is a personal favorite of mine. If you don’t follow Simon Sinek, you should. And if you like this clip, go find the full-length Ted Talk. You’ll also hear
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