Priscilla Koeckeritz

Any pointers for job interviews?

How you show up matters – both in how you dress and how you present yourself. I benefitted from attending a private Christian university with a pretty strict dress code because I had a professional wardrobe when I graduated. Additionally, my mentors had instilled in me solid professional etiquette.


When I interview people today, I expect young people to show some nerves – that’s normal. I pay attention to how they dress and the words they use (by the way, “like” is a very annoying space-filler). I listen to what they already know about the company and learn whether they did any research (search the website and know the basics – construct a few questions for the interview that show what you know and demonstrate curiosity about specifics). Ultimately, I’m interested in learning their aspirations and how interested and committed they are to the job and industry (I like to hire people who have room to grow and want to learn).

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