Priscilla Koeckeritz


Problem Solver

“As a fractional leader, helping companies develop and execute strategic plans is invigorating, and working to build the capability in their teams to deliver results brings great satisfaction. Multi-tasking in both the boardroom and the classroom, I enjoy bringing fresh perspective and insight to students as a local adjunct professor, and to corporate teams eager to solve unique and challenging business problems.”

Consultant, Strategist, & Integrator

Priscilla knows business and knows people. From starting her own company, to working as a fractional CMO for others, Priscilla has what it takes to bring out the best in teams. 

Her passion for helping students start careers is evident through her past work, and love for teaching. Coaching and mentoring others is a passion Priscilla willingly pursues. Her work ethic and ability to “see around the corner” have proven to be successful strategies.



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